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Laboratories of IITM

   Concerted efforts of the scientists and careful nurturing by the Institute’s management, over a period of time,  have resulted in a set of unique and advanced research laboratories, which provide the necessary facilities  for carrying out different components of its research activity. 

  • Air Pollution & Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory
  • Atmospheric Chemistry & Global Change Research Laboratory
  • Atmospheric Electricity Laboratory
  • Boundary Layer Instrumentation & Modelling Laboratory
  • Climate Change Research Laboratory
  • ENVIS Laboratory
  • Global Modelling & Simulation Laboratory
  • Hydrometeorological Laboratory
  • Isotope stable Mass Spectrometer Laboratory
  • Laser Remote Sensing & Aerosol Laboratory
  • Mesoscale Modelling Laboratory
  • Ocean Modelling Laboratory
  • Palaeoclimatology Laboratory
  • Satellite Meteorology Laboratory
  • Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Urban Air pollution Transportation Middle Atmosphere Dynamics and Modelling Laboratory
  • Wind Tunnel Laboratory