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On the dynamics of extended breaks during 2017 monsoon
Susmitha Joseph, A.K. Sahai, A. Dey, R. Mandal and Aparnna Ravi P.
June 2018 RR-143
The 10-20 day intraseasonal variation of the South Asian summer monsoon simulated by GFDL models in the AMIP experiment of CMIP5 Sujata K. Mandke, Prasanth A. Pillai and A.K. Sahai June 2018 RR-142
Diagnostics and Real-Time Extended Range Prediction of Heat Waves over India Susmitha Joseph, R. Mandal, A. K. Sahai, R. Phani, A. Dey and R. Chattopadhyay March 2018 RR-141
The vertical wind tunnel facility at IITM - A review of laboratory experiments on cloud microphysics A.K. Kamra, Rohini Bhalwankar and C.G. Deshpande March 2018 RR-140
A Comparison of Extended-Range Prediction of Monsoon in the IITM-CFSv2 with ECMWF S2S Forecast System Chattopadhyay Rajib,R.  Phani M.K.,.Joseph Susmitha, ,Dey Avijit, Mandal Raju, Sahai A.K. January 2018 RR-139
Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Rainfall Time Series for All-India, Homogeneous Regions and Meteorological Subdivisions: 1871-2016 Kothawale D.R., Rajeevan M. August 2017 RR-138
Evaluation of Extended Range Forecast Skill on Subdivisional Scale over India Joseph Susmitha, Sahai A.K., Phani R., Mandal Raju,  Dey A., Chattopadhyay Rajib May 2017 RR-137
MJO Diagnostics for Extended Range Prediction and Simulation in IITM CFSv2 Sahai A.K., Chattopadhyay Rajib, Dey Avijit, Joseph Susmitha, Abhilash S., Phani M., Mandal Raju, Rajeevan M.N. and Hendon H. September 2016 RR-136
Improvement of cloud and convective Parameterizations in Climate Forecast System Version 2 (CFSv2): Indian Summer Monsoon perspective Phani Murali Krishna R., S Abhik, Bidyut B. Goswami, Malay Ganai, M. Mahakur, Medha Deshpande, P. Mukhopadhyay, Renu S Das, Marat Khairoutdinonv, Jimy Dudhia and B.N. Goswami August 2016 RR-135
A Research Report on the 2015 Southwest Monsoon Milind Mujumdar, C. Gnanaseelan and M. Rajeevan November 2015

SR-20 (RR-185)

Contrasting Progression Phase of Indian Summer Monsoon During June 2013 and 2014: Observational Diagnostics

Susmitha Joseph, A.K. Sahai, R. Chattopadhyay, S. Abhilash, M. Rajeevan

September 2014


Extended Range Prediction of Uttarakhand Heavy Rainfall Event by an Ensemble Prediction System based on CFSv2

Susmitha Joseph, A.K. Sahai, S. Sharmila, S. Abhilash, N. Borah, P.A. Pillai, R. Chattopadhyay, Arun Kumar

November 2013


Development of Extended Range Prediction System Using CFSv2 and Its verification  (E_Publication)

N. Borah, S. Abhilash, S. Joseph, R. Chattopadhyay, S. Sharmila and A.K. Sahai

July 2013 RR-130
The importance of coupled sea surface temperatures to the Northwrd propagation of summer monsoon intraseasonal oscillation  Mandke Sujata K., Shinde M.A.,  A.K. Sahai March 2013


Performance of an ensemble prediction systembased on CSV2 for the extended range prediction of active-break spells of Indian summer monsoon rainfall during 2011 Abhilash S., Susmitha Joseph, R. Chattopadhyay, S. Pattnaik, P. Murali Krishna, S. Dey, A.K. Sahai, B.N. Goswami December 2012


Scientific evaluation of air quality standards and defining air quality index for India G. Beig, Sachin D. Ghude, Aparna Deshpande August 2010


Large-scale wet spell and spatio-temporal rainfall extremes over India during 1951-2007 Ashwini A. Ranade, Nityanand Singh July 2010


Examining Indian Monsoon Variability in Coupled Climate Model Simulations and Projections Ashwini Kulkarni, R.H. Kripalani, S.S. Sabade February 2010 RR-125  
Determination of Onset and Withdrawal Dates of Summer monsoon across india using NCEP/NCAR Re-analysis Nityanand Singh , Ashwini A. Ranade January 2010


Alarming Rise in the Number and Intensity of Extreme Point Rainfall Events over the Indian Region under Climate Change Scenario R.M. Khaladkar, P.N. Mahajan, J.R. Kulkarni August 2009


Climatic and Hydroclimatic Features of Wet and Dry Spells and their Extremes across India Nityanand Singh , Ashwini A. Ranade August 2009 RR-122