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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Meteorological Data

  • Where is the Subdivisional monsoon rainfall data on IITM website?
  • What kind of Meteorological Data are available from IITM?

Following data are available on IITM website:

The raw data were purchased from India Meteorological Department (IMD) and was processed by IITM scientists.

  • How can I get  the "state-wise rainfall data" of India?
  • Where can I get historical weather or climate data of India?

The data are not available with IITM. The data are to be purchased from India Meteorological Department.  Please contact India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Contacts Details of IMD for Data Requirement:

    National Data Centre

  Data requests:

  Additional Director General of Meteorology (Research).
India Meteorological Department, 
  Shivajinagar,PUNE 411 005

    Phone  :  020 - 25530992 or 020-25535211 Ext. 270 or 271 
    Fax      :  020 - 25535435 
    E-Mail  :  or

Also see the link for names and addresses of officers for Data Supply from IMD.

Useful link to access datasets for various meteorological indicators like rainfall, temperature, humidity etc, from 1901 to 2002, for any part of India (India Waterportal site):