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During past decade India has experienced major changes in weather and climate system. Monsoon prediction is major task which involves not only forecasting of total seasonal rainfall but most important is prediction of active and break cycles. To be more specific we need to know the duration and spatial extent of active and break cycle of weather phenomena. The most deadly weather events like severe thunderstorms, cyclones, flash floods, snow avalanches etc are most difficult to forecast. To understand the science behind such systems there is need to understand tropical meteorology in different space and time scale. For this purpose Training Program for Manpower Development is considered as major task in the 11th Plan of the Institute.





Categories of students:

There are five Categories of students/research persons working in IITM other than the regular employees as shown below :
1. Ph.D. Students:

 (a) IITM Research Fellows
 (b) CSIR Research Fellows

2. M.Tech.Students:

 (a) M.Tech. (Atmospheric Physics), University of Pune

  1. New Batch for Course work
  2. Earlier Batch for project work

 (b) M.Tech. (Atmospheric Science), other Universities

3. Graduate & Post graduate students of Science, Engineering etc.

4. (a) Post- Doctoral Fellows or Research Associates (RA)
    (b) Personnel recruited under the Sponsored Projects (DST, DOD etc.)

5. Employees other than IITM doing research under the guidance of IITM scientists