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Sub Programme 1 : Regular Training for Research students and Young Scientists

  1. In-house training for  research students.
    • Comprehensive Training in Atmospheric Science
    • Phase-I 1st batch(August 2006 – Dec.2006)
    • Phase-II 1st batch(August 2007- Oct. 2007)
    • Phase-I 2nd batch(August 2008 -Dec.2008)
  2. Implementation of M. Tech. (Atmos. and Space Sci.) programme of Pune University.
  3. Co-ordination for M. Tech., M. Sc. & B. E. project work of different universities (Pune, Cochin, Andhra, Tirupati etc.)

Special Training
As per requirement special advanced training on specific topics will be conducted for group of students / scientists for development of research.

  1. General circulation, climate and climate variability
  2. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  3. Numerical Methods and Modelling of Atmospheric and Oceanic processes
  4. Physical Meteorology,
  5. Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction
  6. Tropical Convection
  7. Observational Techniques
  8. Computational Methods  (mathematical and statistical methods)

M.Tech.(Atmos.Sci) Programme of Pune university :
There exist an MoU between IITM and University of Pune for implementating the M.Tech.(Atmos.Sci.) programme. IITM gives a few scholarships to students who take Projects in IITM during the second year. Recently Pune University management council approved inclusion of IITM name in the  M.Tech.result (Mark-List)  from the 19th batch of 2007-2008. 

About 12 scientists of IITM contribute in the M.Tech. teaching programme of Pune University.
M.Tech.(Atmos.Sci) Programme of Other University : Only for Project work.